Returning orders

We hope you are satisfied with your order and that you do not have to return it. However, if you do want to return the item you have ordered, we have provided clear information on this page. If you still have a question, do not hesitate and contact us.

How do I return my order?

  1. First of all, please make sure your order matches all the requirements of our return policy. You can find the return policy below.
  2. Download the return form, print it out and fill in your details. (Without a return form we cannot process your return).
  3. Pack the product you want to return (preferably in its original packaging).
  4. Return the package (the address on the return form) and keep the proof of shipment.
  5. Once we receive the package, we will take care of it as soon as possible.


You’ve ordered something you don’t fit in to, or don’t really like that much when it arrived… No problem, that happens to the best of us! Thankfully Drunken Dinos has a 2 week return policy.

You can always return your item 2 weeks after receiving it,(please do let us know beforehand so we know what’s coming our way).

However, we do have some ‘rules’ that apply to returning your items. Most of them are what we call common sense rules but do please read our return policy before returning a item to avoid disappointments.

The clothing you want to return has not been worn and/or washed (but you can try it on ofcourse).

From a hygienic point of view, we are forced to refuse returns of clothing that has been worn. As soon as your return has been refused we will inform you by e-mail and offer a payment link to pay for the shipping costs to return the package to you.
Another reason why we would definitely refuse a return is because the item has make-up and/or foodstains on it or because it has a horrible body and/or sigarette smell.
Ofcourse it’s ok to try the t-shirt or ugly christmas sweater on, how else would you know if it fits? But wearing it to a party and returning it afterwards is not only disgusting, its also a reason to have your return returned to you.

Please take note of the rest of our return policy below:

  • Please don’t try to fix anything yourself(!) If the item you have received has any problems, please contact us and do not try to fix it yourself. We will find a solution for you.
  • Products specially designed and/or created for you can not be returned.
  • Bijou and lingerie can not be returned because of a hygenic point of view.
  • Make sure the original tags are still attached to the products. Many of our items come with a ‘DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG’ tag on the side of the item. This tag will not be in your way when trying to fit the item nor will it be on a annoying place. When you remove this tag we will not accept your return anymore.
  • The item is out of the original packaging
  • The risk of returning a item is for the buyer of the item. Drunken Dinos advises our customers to make sure the return shipment is insured in case the mail order company loses your package.
  • Packages that have been shipped without enough franking on them will not be accepted by us
  • Drunken dinos beholds the right to refuse any returns that are not in agreement with our return policy.

To make sure your return will be processed as soon as possible, we do ask all our customers to please include the returnform when returning a item.

How long does it take to return?

After receiving your order it’s possible to return the items and the return form within 15 days (attention: this is a provision that we are obliged to mention according to the law but we do not need to notify the return). The return should then be delivered to us withing 14 business days. The shipping costs are at your expense.

On the return form you can make a selection yourself. We order two different types of returns:

  • Returns for a refund of the amount of the pruduct(s) directly to your bank account.
  • Return with the option to choose another product or the same product in a different size

*The product you are returning must not have been worn and must be in new condition with no signs of wear and tear. However, you are allowed to try on the product to see if it fits. 


We care about our products and logically do our best to deliver them to you in top condition. Nevertheless, an order can be broken during transport or something else might happen that entitles you to warranty. Legally speaking, you are obliged to report to us within a month of finding the defect. If the defect is within the warranty, we will repair the product or find a replacement for the product free of charge.


There is a possibility that something might happen which is not according to plan. We recommend that you first disclose any complaints by mailing us at If this does not lead to a solution, it is possible to register your dispute for mediation via the Foundation ValuedShops/WebwinkelKeur (this applies for Dutch and/or Belgian customers only). As of February 15, 2016, it is also possible for consumers in the EU to report complaints through the European Commission’s ODR platform. The ODR platform can be found at If your complaint is not yet handled elsewhere, you are free to file your complaint through the European Union platform.

Reflection period

You are entitled to return your order up to 14 days after receipt without notice. You will then be credited with the full order amount including shipping. Only the costs for returning from home to the webshop are at your own expense. These costs are around 7,25 per package, check your carrier’s website for exact rates. If you make use of your right of withdrawal, the product will be returned to the vendor in the original condition and packaging with all supplied accessories and – if reasonably possible. To use this right, you can contact us at We will then refund the due amount within 14 days after your return has been returned, provided that the product has already been returned in good order.